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With our new format, we address important topics in the software and IT service industry and deal with current topics with our experienced experts and members.

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As part of our internationalization offensive, we also offer direct assistance to our members. Our assistant Patrick Struger can also be requested for your export projects.

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Initiatives for young Entrepreneurs

At our regulars’ tables, joint breakfast events and themed trips, young entrepreneurs learn everything about starting a new company.

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Meetup of the IT-Community

Expanding horizons, sharing experiences, learning from each other: the IT community meets regularly in order to exchange knowledge. Nobody knows everything, but together we know almost everything!

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Innovation Challenge

An initiative by SIC together with the UBIT specialist group, the start-up service and the young economy with the aim of strengthening regional innovation through cooperation.

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Digitization of Carinthian Communities

With digitization, the added value should be kept in the country. Our members offer custom applications for a wide variety of areas of local government together with a guaranteed quality of their products.


Together with the city marketing of Carinthia`s capital Klagenfurt, our eCommerce taskforce has set up a unique digital funding campaign in which companies are made visible on the web.

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Abroad master’s students work part-time in IT companies

Together with the Alpen-Adria-Universität against the shortage of skilled workers: Would you like to employ master’s students from abroad in your company? Get in touch!

Makerspace Carinthia – Economy rethought and redesigned

Theory meets Practice

The MAKERSPACE Carinthia is a place of learning and implementation where entrepreneurs can realize ideas and innovative projects by developing and manufacturing prototypes. Cooperation between established companies, founders, start-ups as well as collaboration between business and education (HTL, FH, UNI) is supported constructively.

We help to make use of MAKERSPACE Carinthia!

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Cyber Security Hotline

Victim to a cyber attack, a cybercrime attack, ransomware or encryption Trojans? We offer an emergency help hotline 24/7 for receiving rapid initial information. In case of more complex scenarios we fall back to our IT security experts.

Hotline: 0800 888 133
7 Days a week, there for you around the clock!

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IT Security Handbook – A practical guide

A free IT security manual with specific instructions for protecting against cybercrime – written by our experts!

eCommerce: Consulting for Carinthian Online Trading

eCommerce Consultants support Carinthian entrepreneurs with the implementation of online shops. Interested to work as a consultant? The SIC can mediate!

School Collaborations

SIC maintains regular contact with educational institutions, teachers and students. An idea for a school cooperation? Contact us!

Expansion of broadband internet

The SIC calls for the nationwide expansion of broadband Internet with at least 100 Mbit/s by 2020. Financial support must be invested quickly and in full. The current approval procedures must become faster and easier.


In cooperation with the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, we inspire students about technology. Upper levels are gladly invited to attend our free workshops (including transfer, snack with drinks and fruit).

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