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The companies in the management consulting and IT sectors are important engines for innovation and digitization and are also the first point of contact for IT security. Now a new funding model is also intended to improve IT security in Carinthia, especially as a benefit for EPUs and SMEs.

Funding for IT Security

In order to improve IT security in Carinthia and to nip cyberattacks in the bud, the State Department 7 – Economy, Tourism and Mobility from State Councilor Sebastian Schuschnig, in cooperation with the UBIT expert group and the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce, offers the new funding model “Get started with security !” at.

What is funded?

  • Consulting and implementation services in the field of cyber security
  • Employee training to promote the safe use of IT systems
  • Acquisitions for the area of cyber security
    (such as hardware, software or configuration services)

Scope and Amount of Funding

Up to 200 consultations or implementation contracts with an order value of EUR 1,000 or more are funded with EUR 300. From an order value of EUR 1,500.00, a grant of EUR 500.00 is granted. A maximum of one sponsorship check per client and a maximum of 3 sponsorship checks per contractor.


The first-come-first-served principle applies. The funding campaign will run until the funding budget has been exhausted, at the latest until March 31, 2022.


The processing is carried out by the responsible specialist group. The exact modalities, funding guidelines and requirements can be found on the WKK information page. The submission is very easy – upload the invoice and a short consultation protocol under the cashback page.


Take advantage of this opportunity and let’s get started together with certainty!