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A new funding program for Carinthian EPUs and SMEs in the areas of digitization, market presence and sales will start in January.

The digitization of operational processes as well as investments and the optimization of sales are essential success factors in competition for EPU and SMEs. To ensure a great start into the new year, Carinthian companies have the opportunity to get financial support for activities in those areas.

“With Turbo Boost into the new Year”

The new funding program “Neustart 2022” is an initiative of the UBIT – Management Consulting, Accounting and IT as well as the expert group Advertising and Market Communication, in cooperation with the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce. The representatives see the funding program as a boost for new business in their sectors and for many companies to invest in digitization, marketing or sales in the new year.

What can be funded?

The heads, Martin Zandonella and Volkmar Fussi, provide information on how Carinthian companies can benefit from working with experts from their professional groups: “Orders of EUR 1,000 or more to a Carinthian member company of the UBIT or the Advertising expert group are funded with EUR 300. From an order value of 1,500 euros, the subsidy increases to 500 euros”.

The campaign runs until the funding budget is exhausted, at the latest until June 30, 2022. Payment is made according to the first-come-first-served principle. According to Zandonella and Fussi, the funding pot is “well filled”.

Who is eligible?

Eligible applicants are SMEs and EPUs with headquarters in Carinthia. One submission with an invoice and proof of payment will be accepted from January 10 for each applicant. The exact funding guidelines and application can be found at

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