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The Software Internet Cluster is taking off with a new, top-class expert advisory board. Private investor Roderik Michiels van Kessenich with entrepreneurial roots in software development and experience in the start-up area takes over the role of the chairman of the advisory board. In the future, the focus will be even more on cooperation, internationalization and skilled workers.

Anyone who wants to be successful in the software industry needs bright minds on their site who are passionate about an idea, an inspiring environment, exchange with others and compared to other industries, relatively little money to get started. Precisely for these reasons, Carinthia is the perfect location for tech and software companies. This is also underlined by our cluster, which has grown steadily in recent years and is now part of an important IT network.

Roderik Michiels van Kessenich – as the new Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Software Internet Cluster

At the constituent meeting in October 2021, SIC brought on board a new advisory board consisting of top-class experts. These include Dr. Gerhard Friedrich from the University of Klagenfurt, Mag. Michael Kühnel from Constantia, DI Vera Led from UNiQUARE and Dr. Markus Pistauer from CISC. Private investor Roderik Michiels van Kessenich was elected as the new chairman of the advisory board.

The entrepreneurial roots of our new advisory board chiarman lie in the software industry. After all, he started a software company as a young man and brings a lot of practical experience to the table. Today he is involved in the start-up scene and is involved, among others, at HelloCash, the market leader in Austria for cash registers and the Austrian flagship e-commerce company niceshops. He is convinced: software offers a great opportunity for Carinthia as a business location- and for start-ups as well!

In addition to internationalization and the training of skilled workers, SIC relies heavily on the topic of cooperation. “It’s always good to join forces”, says van Kessenich. Strength comes from cooperation, but also requires the will to tackle opportunities. The SIC is a platform, which aims to initiate joint action, sharing and great mutual support.

A warm welcome to the Software Internet Cluster!