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Innovative newcomers met to network at the start-up breakfast of the Software Internet Cluster,  with startup spokeswoman Anja Silberbauer and got informative insights from the “old hand” Bernd Buchegger.

It’s almost an unfamiliar picture: Entrepreneurs stand together, chat – and not even in virtual space. The easing COVID measurements made it possible for the Software Internet Cluster (SIC) to invite to the SIC Startup Breakfast in the Hafenstadt Klagenfurt. Innovative IT newcomers met for a coffee and networking with SIC focus group leader Anja Silberbauer and SIC managing director Karin Zezulka.

f. l .: Bernd Buchegger from trinitec, startup spokeswoman Anja Silberbauer and assistant for international affairs Patrick Struger

“It is important to network,” says Silberbauer, who brought the young entrepreneurs closer to the funding landscape and underlined the possibility of investors. She herself successfully landed a business angel with “2 Minuten, 2 Mio.” and says: “The pitch has to be right and must not sound memorized.” The SIC also helps with cross-border contacts  and has anchored its own internationalization assistant in the SIC with Patrick Struger. Patrick assists start-ups with cross-border cooperation and has set himself the goal of making SIC members known across borders.

According to his own statements, Bernd Buchegger, managing director of trinitec IT Solutions & Consulting GmbH, has also exceeded limits. He dared to take the plunge into self-employment 17 years ago and, as an “old hand”, talked about his successes and failures. He says, “There are tons of stumbling blocks.” But one can learn from that. In general, entrepreneurship is the greatest personal game changer. Because independence also changes the tolerance to deal with things.

Philipp Graf also paid a surprise visit at breakfast. The managing director of the Federal Information and Consulting division once again emphasized the importance of digitization. “Our division has the experts to support companies in this.” In addition, according to Graf, the topic of sustainability has become indispensable, which spans the entire value chain and finally sipped his coffee again.