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The European Online Job Day (EOJD) is a Europe-wide job search in which job offers from Austrian companies in the field of ICT and technology are promoted throughout EUROPE. The Software Internet Cluster is also part of the EOJD and presents Austria as an ICT location.


EUROPEAN ONLINE JOBDAY – 07th July 2022 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., Online Event

As an initiative of the EURES team of the AMS, job-seeking citizens of the European Union, an EEA country or Switzerland are supported in the EOJD in their search for a new job or a new start abroad. Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia are presented as business locations and places to live! Potential employees from the ICT & Technology area apply via the online portal and are brought together with registered companies in the target country. All information about the event can also be found on the official EOJD website!

How to register your Company

Register on the official EOJD website and fill out the registration form for your company. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail and access to your online account. In the dashboard, you then have the option of setting up your online presence and making relevant information about your company available to the participants.


This is how you Exchange with potential Employees

During the event you will have the opportunity to exchange and get in touch with the participants. You can use the following functions via the dashboard with your company account:

Public Chat

The public chat offers the possibility to ask and answer general questions.

Private Chats

Job seekers can request a private chat with you during the event. You can find these requests under “Join chat with jobseekers”. By accepting the request, you can chat directly with potential employees.


The dashboard also contains an overview of your interview appointments. At the start of a time slot you can enter the chat.

You would like to present yourself as a potential employer for jobseekers from Europe and offer your open job offers?
Here you can find a detailed guide to the event for companies.

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